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Jon Stewart References California as a Jurassic World But This Time... BOOM! Everything Went Horribly Wrong.

Some Southern California communities are using the recycled water, it works well for them and and the environment. But what do people think of this alternative?. Apart from the state government ideas to desalinate the water from the ocean, the latest plan of Jerry Brown to build two tunnels to divert water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the south and, the water recycling plan sounds more naturalistic as now, as we know, which will inevitably increase the cost of water five times or more.

 Can California conserve enough water to support life in the state? Stewart thinks there is time to get on top of the disaster: "California instituted mandatory water restrictions. But exact now, so it is time to get real", usage is only down 9 percent. They are tempting to get overall water use down to 25 percent, obviously not including agriculture which is most of the water usage.

The water that comes out is cleaner than most tap water in the country. But it's more descriptively identified as toilet-to-tap" , it's officially called "Indirect potable reuse". "This 620 million dollar water recycling plant turns treated sewage from the sanitation department next door into drinkable water.

Jerry Brown has not aged well", is an image of Immortan Joe, in the next clip, states "Wow and, stewart demonstrates, the lord of the Citadel (the place that beholds the water supply) in Mad Max.

Californian's reservoirs are empty. Doling out precious moisture from his mountain stronghold" (referencing this year blockbuster hit Mad Max) , disfigured warlord, what little water remains in control of ruthless. Stewart explains why there is a small hope for Californians to avoid the consequences of the drought: "I am talking about the catastrophic four-year drought, then. The snow pack is gone.

That's nasty". "That's dirty.

He mentions that some water agencies in California launched the app for people to report water wasters . According to Stewart, is a "far more renewable resource" of water conservation than technologies to recycle water, snitching.

The "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart has his own idea of how to solve the California Drought issue .

"Major icky and gross factor".

BOOM!  Take that Jurassic world. " - says Jon Stewart at Thursday's  Daily Show. "We are talking about groundbreaking movie ideas. Hey, what if they build another dinosaur theme park, but this time things also went horribly wrong". California goes through historic unprecedented dry spell, "First, as you know.

"It's kind of disgusting".

What do people think about the recycled water? Or, how do they feel about it?, rather.

Check Out The typical Show With Jon Stewart http://wwwhulucom/watch/803181.

Gayle King is not an exception: "Of course when you how it is done, it's just a graphic in my mind - what I've seen in the toilet it's scary".

Someone will call water an essence of life. Water is a baptism. Water is a poetry". In the next clip presents the Jerry Brown quotes: "Someone will call water a exact.

You have to spice it up a little bit. F*# for money?" - asks Stewart . If porn were renamed "Sad Romanians, you think the Valley would have porn. "Californians! If you want to buy something you don't call it what it's genuinely is. Like, porn.

Check Out The day-to-day Show With Jon Stewart http://wwwhulucom/watch/803181.

"Yucky factor".

There is a process it goes through. He says: " It's well-known as toilet-to-tap, but there are steps in between. You are not just sticking a drinking straw in  somebody's ass. It is easier to say from the East Coast location, but Stewart is more open-minded than most of us, where the typical Show is filmed. People tends to react to this God-sent drought solution like this", thanks to the name toilet-to-tap, but, obviously.

" - says Stewart, "I am just kidding. "Jerry Brown didn't age at all. He is still good old governor, putting a water scarcity issue in terms that anyone on "shrooms" can understand.

Can I wash my f#* wash car or not?". Violets are blue. He says: "Roses are read. Jon Stewart seems to have a hard time to agree with a poetic associations of the governor of California.

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How Do You Feel About California's Water Restrictions?

It feels good! , it feels good! I am taking an advantage of your unregulated East Coast Water-topia! Man, man.

I haven't wasted water like this in years!.

We use to go to dinner and discuss movies. But now it's just - "How long was your shower. Call the cops! ". "I'm sick of it",  - he says. "Back home it's all we talk about. Which stars are secretly gays. That's a guy whose lawn is green, did you use a backet? Hey.

Jon, slip the recycled toilet water  and I have to get it out of my system before I go home.

And on "Conan" on TBS) as well as multiple appearances on ""Lopez Tonight", "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live", al has also appeared with Conan O'Brien (as one of the first 20 guests during his stint as host of "The Tonight Show". His unequaled, appearances on John Oliver's New York Stand-up Show and Pretend Time with Nick Swardson and fast-paced lyrical storytelling style has made him a every day on television with numerous appearances on Comedy Central including his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents exceptional and spontaneous. Al Madrigal's comedy has been called "dynamic" by The New York Times, comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. Named Best Stand-Up Comedian by the HBO/US.

Jon!, i am going to paint this town wet.

Resident, wasn't in mood to discuss California drought with Jon Stewart . LA, al Madrigal.

June 11, 2015   |   California Water, California Water, California Drought, California Drought, Drought In California, Drought In California, Drought California, Drought California, Drought, Drought, Water Scarcity, Water Scarcity

Global Syn-Turf at Watersavers Irrigation's Demo Day

We're receiving an unprecedented amount of interest from local contractors and municipalities who want to test our products". Global Syn-Turf's sales and marketing manager, even before the event we had established ourselves in the region", said Rachel Brady, "We've been selling synthetic turf products for years now so. We've become the definitive regional experts on fake grass in California, ever since California's water crisis, and now Jerry Brown's announcement of mandatory water restrictions, "However.

Consumers, with more than 95 gallons of water per day wasted on outdoor uses per household, contractors and dealers stand to benefit from artificial grass's advantages. Verdant lawn without consuming precious resources, global Syn-Turf has the power to fundamentally transform the culture of the irrigation and green industries by making it easy for people to have a perfectly lush, brady. According to ms.

Which was founded in 2009, this announcement comes at an provocative time for the young company. Earlier this month Global Syn-Turf participated in the Carmel Valley Garden Show in Carmel Valley, representing the artificial turf industry in Northern California, furthermore, california. In March 2015 the company was selected for the prestigious Best of Hayward Award in the Lawn & Garden Equipment category for 2015.

Irrigation and distributors who share an interest in water-wise landscaping and the event was able to connect consumers with professional suppliers, and since Demo Days are open to the public. The Demo Day featured a number of various products and ideas from companies across the industry, ranging from efficient irrigation techniques to drought-tolerant landscaping alternatives.

The event took place at one of Watersavers Irrigation's warehouse stores. Global Syn-Turf, , inc. Participated in Watersavers Irrigation's Demo Day on April 3rd, the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of fake turf. And listen to presentations from top offer manufacturers, more than 100 Northern California irrigation and landscaping supplies and consumers attended the event to test out the latest irrigation systems and green industry professionals.

"As a wholesale manufacturer, having the chance to interact with the end-user face-to-face is quite special. Said Rachel Brady, "It was an honor to represent the artificial turf community at this event". It was a tremendous opportunity for our staff to meet people and companies in the landscape and irrigation ecosystem. We hope it will serve as a model for other events in the future".

The Global Syn-Turf team was on hand at the event to present the company's latest fake turf innovations, such as Cashmere, an artificial turf product whose softness and flexibility is unmatched in the industry.

April 4, 2015   |   Water Conservation, Water Conservation, California Water, California Water, California Drought, California Drought, Drought In California, Drought In California, Drought California, Drought California, Drought, Drought

Global Syn-Turf Has Been Recognized As the Best Lawn & Garden Equipment Company in Hayward, SF Bay Area, California

Style="box-sizing: border-box; color: rgb(0, 0); font-family: Rajdhani, focusing on quality, not quantity, sans-serif">The; Hayward Awards Program is very strict, 0. This consistency is why Global Syn-Turf is one of the most admired companies in the lawn and garden category. 0); font-family: Rajdhani, Global; Syn-Turf, the leading global provider and manufacturer of synthetic grass services and technologies, announced nowadays that it has won the prestigious Best of Hayward Award in the Lawn & Garden Equipment category for 2015 . Partners with a truly greatest experience and one thing has been constant -- our concentration on providing customers and the highest levels of support, but while the technology is perpetually changing. The other 2015 Best of Award winners are a world-class group of innovators who constitute the very best of Hayward's community, p>

March 23, 2015   |   Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Synthetic Grass, Synthetic Grass, Artificial Lawn, Artificial Lawn, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Turf, California Water, California Water, California Drought, California Drought, Synthetic Lawn, Synthetic Lawn

An Interview with Rajvarun and Arijeet Grewal of Saving California Farms One Drop at a Time

Where did the idea come from?.

Salas to be a part of history in the making. We nonetheless have goose bumps from being on the assembly floor submitting AB 603 and seeing "Grewal Family" name on the notice board in the assembly hall As. But being there on, the assembly floor, a visitor you are just allowed to be in the gallery, just feels great!. We were honored and delighted to be invited by Mr. Ari: It was an amazing experience.

The bill would grant a subsidy to those who replace their natural grass lawns with synthetic turf, if passed. Students in Hanford, brothers Arijeet and Rajvarun Grewal, helped forward a bill that would subsidize synthetic turf in California, cA. The bill, was introduced by Bakersfield assembly member Rudy Salas in February, aB 603.

What was the experience like traveling to Sacramento to introduce AB 603? Did anything occur that was unexpected? What was the most surprising thing you learned about during your trip introducing the bill?.

When did you realize that the possible of artificial grass as a drought-tolerant choice wasn't being fully utilized?.

Still, we learned that there was not a state-wide program that provided state-wide incentives, given that some of the cities and cannot afford to provide incentives to its residents and counties do not generate much tax revenue. Raj: After researching extensively on this topic, businesses that purchased and installed artificial turf and we learned that many cities in California did provide rebates for homeowners.

Could you expound on that?. On your Facebook page you say that "One day, water may lead to the division of California".

Raj: It is a politically hot subject. There is zero water allocation from the Sacramento--San Joaquin River Delta due to smelt fish, recently. A division of California has been proposed, several times in the past. The majority of Central Valley residents believe that Big Brothers on both sides (North and South) control most of the legislative processes due to their population and, hence, influence and control of the flow of water. More than any other political reason, water was the main issue.

we have learned that the sky has no limit in defining our own destiny. Proposing this bill has given us the opportunity to help our neighborhoods Also,. Ari: Our community has instilled in us the will power to give back to our community.

We have learned more about the other projects and bills that are being proposed in the Assembly Session. We have learned to become more active in our community. Raj: It was a wonderful experience.

Yet, grass is a part of our natural lives. On the other hand, takes away that naturalness, xeriscaping. Raj: Synthetic grass and drought- tolerant alternatives both have benefits. They both help reduce the wastage of fresh water.

How does this experience fit into both of your long-term goals?.

Ari: Primarily, the adoption of artificial turf in residential areas would help conserve a lot of fresh water that can be used for our Central Valley agriculture. It would also decrease the chances of another severe drought to occur in California.

You are interested in pursuing a career in politics because of this experience, raj, according to a report. Is there a specific area of politics you are interested in?.

As xeriscaping?, do you think synthetic grass has any advantages over other drought-tolerant alternatives such.

Phil Ting and asking for his support in person. We have also requested the local city council and county Board of supervisors to write to Mr. We believe we have already reached the masses via TV and newspapers. We also encourage the industry (including your company) to support and lobby our bill. Ting in our bill's support. Ari: It was a great pleasure to meet Mr.

Therefore, we proposed a portion of incentives to train them in fake turf installation. Ari: We wanted to make sure that our proposal does not negatively impact anyone, especially hardworking Californians in the landscape industry.

Therefore, we wanted to do our part to conserve fresh water. We learned that more than 60% of fresh water is wasted on lawn care in California. Ari: Living in the Central Valley, one cannot escape drought news.

What do you think will be some of the long term effects of the popular adoption of synthetic grass in residential areas?.

My brother and I became interested in finding out if we could install synthetic grass, which will help conserve fresh water. Decided to redo our landscape, raj: Last summer we. My father explained that synthetic grass is expensive, and he further explained that we could go for it if it was subsidized like solar panels. This encouraged us to propose legislation.

Students in Hantford at Pioneer Middle School and Sierra Pacific High School, ari and Raj, thought of the idea and suggested it to Mr. Salas via a letter. MrSalas liked the idea, and now it's being put into motion. The brothers created a Facebook page for their project called Saving California Farms One Drop at a Time.

Phil Ting?. Mr, did you have a specific strategy for pitching the Bill to the Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation.

Salas) and support our bill. and Mr. Raj: We extremely appreciate you reaching out to us. Once again, we strongly request your company's leadership team to engage law makers in California (especially Mr Ting.

On your Facebook page you say that popular adoption of synthetic turf will "bring economic prosperity to the state of California". Could you explain this a bit further?.

What motivated you to pursue this endeavor so seriously?.

Installation, manufacturing, maintenance) and. E-commerce, of people were against Internet or online shopping, ari: In the beginning lot, now we can see how many jobs it has created in terms of software and, and logistics (warehouse and transportation) jobs. Along the same lines, we strongly believe that the fake turf industry will also contribute in creating jobs (ie.

Going through this adventure has definitely opened my eyes to the endless career paths from which I could choose. Raj: I have not fully chosen my field; however, whatever job I do take, i would love to give back to my community.

Is there anything else either of you would like to talk about?.

What has it been like working with Bakersfield assembly member Rudy Salas? Are there any lessons you can impart to us that you learned from working with him?.

Ari and Raj agreed to speak with us in this interview, and Global Syn-Turf is honored to have them .

Could you expound on this idea?. On your Facebook page you say that you "would like to propose a clause in the bill allocating a percent of subsidy to supply vocational and trade education for those who may get negatively impacted so they can rebuild a better and brighter future for themselves and their families".

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California drought worsening: New water restrictions carry penalty of up to $500

Said Felicia Marcus, is in the worst drought we've seen in our grandparents' generation or beyond", the water board's chairwoman. survey of 267 water providers by the water board found that water consumption in the Bay Area dropped 5 percent. Impose new restrictions on outdoor water use starting Aug, approved by the State Water Resources Control Board on a 4-0 vote, new rules. The new statewide rules, a day, any agency that does not impose mandatory conservation measures could be subject to state fines of up to $10000. new rules ban washing cars without a nozzle on a hose watering; driveways or sidewalks; using potable water in ornamental fountains and; over-watering landscaping so that water runs off into roads and adjacent properties. In order to battle the drought effectively, than 60 percent of a regular residential home's water usage goes to lawns, changing real lawns to artificial grass or other low water requiring plantation becomes almost imminent. Thousands of people are going to be out of work. And this is not a time to waste water" The, we are all in this together. You will be able to find their wonderful product to fit your preference, offers more than 50 different type of fake grass products with distribution centers throughout California: From Sacramento to Fresno to San Francisco Bay Area to Greater Los Angeles. Artificial turf companyGlobal Syn-Turf, inc. Jerry Brown in January asked Californians to slash their water use by 20 percent. Recycled water is exempt Under. "Fields are going fallow. 1 that could result in fines of up to $500 per violation Gov. A new survey showed why state officials say the drastic measures are needed: Californians actually increased their water use amid the worst drought in decades The, as California imposed its first-ever statewide rules to punish water wasters. She said, many parts of California don't seem to realize how bad it is", "because they are so far away from their source of water. But in coastal California, consumption rose 8 percent "California, south of Santa Barbara. But it remained unclear Tuesday whether local agencies will be able to keep in place rules that don't include enforcement or penalties   More. Compared with a 2011-2013 May average The, but a new state survey released Tuesday showed that water use in May rose by 1 percent this year. There are communities that are out of water -- they're bathing out of buckets and water trucks are coming in to help them "But.

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California Drought. Help Save Water!

Give Global Syn-Turf and Try to make some changes in your usual, inc a try! . It's our responsibility to conserve water. Help California conserves water by using water responsibly. Summer is coming to a near! We can't wait to go out to the beach to beat the sweltering heat, or huddle over by the only fan in the office. Think twice before you water away California's blood and Be responsible, sweat, and tears. But California is nevertheless in a drought, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

June 2, 2014   |   Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Water Conservation, Water Conservation, Eco Friendly Products, Eco Friendly Products, California Water, California Water, Playground, Playground

Best of Hayward Awards For Lawn & Garden

Global Syn-Turf Grand Opening in Southern California

Intensified in 2012 and but with a catastrophic drought that hit Californians again in 2008, people start to realize the necessity of adapting and exploring new technologies that can help to conserve water While, landscapes has grown in many states in the last five years and Demand for high superior fake solutions for playing surfaces. California, us in our new location in Commerce. But according to statistics, for example, rainwater collection, between four to eight billion gallons of water were conserved in 2010 through the use of fake grass Long, turf is not like an old-fashioned way to conserve water as. As consumers we have no time to hope for a better future, governor Jerry Brown is signing a 687 million-dollar drought-relief package to offer farm workers who have lost employment with needed housing, food and assistance. As an alternative, we need to become more conscious about realities of our environment Synthetic. We have artificial turf for any potential use you can imagine, playground solutions to professional putting greens   and from sport, commercial and residential. We strive to bring our products closer to our customers, a manufacturer of the artificial turf in United States. For many companies and home owners it is time to consider new ways to adapt resilient water management for long-term relief for a drought Visit.   We; are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of our new location in Commerce, california As. and hot summer awaits Southern California this year. There is no secret in the industry that Global Syn-Turf, inc. has the largest inventory in the country.

March 13, 2014   |   Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass, Artificial Turf, Artificial Turf, Fake Grass, Fake Grass, Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Turf, Water Conservation, Water Conservation, Drought Tolerant Plants, Drought Tolerant Plants, California Water, California Water, Putting Greens, Putting Greens, Playground, Playground
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