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California drought worsening: New water restrictions carry penalty of up to $500

Said Felicia Marcus, is in the worst drought we've seen in our grandparents' generation or beyond", the water board's chairwoman. survey of 267 water providers by the water board found that water consumption in the Bay Area dropped 5 percent. Impose new restrictions on outdoor water use starting Aug, approved by the State Water Resources Control Board on a 4-0 vote, new rules. The new statewide rules, a day, any agency that does not impose mandatory conservation measures could be subject to state fines of up to $10000. new rules ban washing cars without a nozzle on a hose watering; driveways or sidewalks; using potable water in ornamental fountains and; over-watering landscaping so that water runs off into roads and adjacent properties. In order to battle the drought effectively, than 60 percent of a regular residential home's water usage goes to lawns, changing real lawns to artificial grass or other low water requiring plantation becomes almost imminent. Thousands of people are going to be out of work. And this is not a time to waste water" The, we are all in this together. You will be able to find their wonderful product to fit your preference, offers more than 50 different type of fake grass products with distribution centers throughout California: From Sacramento to Fresno to San Francisco Bay Area to Greater Los Angeles. Artificial turf companyGlobal Syn-Turf, inc. Jerry Brown in January asked Californians to slash their water use by 20 percent. Recycled water is exempt Under. "Fields are going fallow. 1 that could result in fines of up to $500 per violation Gov. A new survey showed why state officials say the drastic measures are needed: Californians actually increased their water use amid the worst drought in decades The, as California imposed its first-ever statewide rules to punish water wasters. She said, many parts of California don't seem to realize how bad it is", "because they are so far away from their source of water. But in coastal California, consumption rose 8 percent "California, south of Santa Barbara. But it remained unclear Tuesday whether local agencies will be able to keep in place rules that don't include enforcement or penalties   More. Compared with a 2011-2013 May average The, but a new state survey released Tuesday showed that water use in May rose by 1 percent this year. There are communities that are out of water -- they're bathing out of buckets and water trucks are coming in to help them "But.

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What Is Kool-Max?

KoolMax is part of the W-Blade series, which as we discussed earlier makes the turf look lifelike. Summer is the impeccable season to invest in Kool-Max fake turf technology. Kool-Max is new to the industry and is a rightfully advanced product. Remove the shiny look of fake grass and, koolMax products stand apart from other products because they deflect light, enhance airflow, limit sheen. Last week we discussed blade design technologies and how it affects different types of fake turf. and recommends professional installers to make sure your new lawn looks majestic. GST ships to all states in the US. Kool-Max was designed to keep fake turf cooler in hot climates. Today, we will be talking about Kool-Max. The time to order is now! GST offers some products that use Kool-Max including the W-Blade 60 and the W-Blade 80. What is Kool-Max? Kool-Max is a technology. Tested in the controlled environment by experts in the synthetic turf industry, koolMax series of synthetic turf are on average 15 degrees cooler than any other turf of the marketThe.

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