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New Silicon Valley's Future - Drinking Out Of The Toilet

Valley political leaders propose to almost triple the use of purified water from twenty thousand acre-feet a year to fifty-five thousand, which covers twenty percent of the country's total water demand by 2025. - $1500, the desalination brings the price up to $3 and, filter sewage water will cost $1100, 000  Silicon. The cost of water that comes from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is $400 an acre-foot.

Disinfected and purified water from the sewage has been used since 1997 in Silicon Valley for the landscaping irrigation and industrial purposes.

But to the homeowners it yet means increased water rates. They hope to get by the California Environmental superior Act using an exemption from CEQA under an executive Gov. Jerry Brown's mandate issued April 1  The. While Silicon Valley is facing the future of drinking out the toilet for the double price, it might be a good time for us to make less impressive steps. Replace natural turf with artificial , for example. $800 million finance for this project could be funded with state bond money and federal funds.

Good stuff? Ouch . April 28, santa Clara's mayors took big gulps of filtered sewage water on Monday and What wouldn't you do in the face of California Drought? San Jose's.

Californians are questioning where else to find water, five years of nowhere near sufficient rain, and it often comes to the investigate about the desalination. New modern Water Purification Center in Alviso opened in July 2015, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light, take previously filtered water to a new level, cleans it with microfilters. The outcome is generally distilled water After.

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